Why Automation

Improved Aesthetics and Ambience

  • Lighting controls, helps in creating the right ambience with just the perfect amount of light suitable for each activity at different times of day.
  • Paint with light to instantly change the ambience of a room.
  • Changes the dynamics, texture and atmosphere instantly.
  • Highlight art, architecture and furniture
  • Eliminate ugly controls. Replace With elegant controls
  • ( Pics of the switches, Lutron keypads and Touch panel)


  • Dim or switch any light from anywhere
  • See who is at the door, open the door- from within the house or from outside the house.
  • Interface to/control HVAC, blinds, shades, security, etc. from easy to use touch screen or from smart phone.
  • Watch movies or listen to music, from media server centrally located or from the cloud, in any room in the house.
  • Monitor the whole house lights, ACs, Security system.
  • Move Heavy Curtains with the touch of a button with motorized shades.
  • Digitize old Media such as movies, songs and personal videos – for easy access and viewing or listening.

Enhanced Security

  • Arm the Intrusion Panel from your smart phone
  • Get alerts in case of a break in
  • Link security to Lighting system
  • Automate exterior lights
  • Monitor the whole house lights, ACs, Security system.
  • Interface with the front gate or garage door
  • Leave "night lights" on for children

Energy Saving

Dimmers save energy and increase the life of your light bulb so they are friendlier to the environment and to your pocket.

Dimming Saves Electricity Bulbs Last longer
10% 10% 2 times longer
25% 20% 4 times longer
50% 40% 20 times longer
75% 60% 20 times longer