Crestron 3 series control system enables all technology in your home to seamlessly communicate together in an intelligent way to simplify your life. Today's modern home must combine lighting, climate, shades, home entertainment, security, and more on a single platform.

Some of advantage of home automation includes:

Added Convenience: Control and monitor your Lights, HVAC, Shades, music etc. from anywhere with your mobile/tablet.
Saves Time: No need of going to particular area to check the status of lights, Shades HVAC fans etc. Check your whole home system status from where you are. Inside or outside the house.
Saves Money: Dimming your lights and time scheduling on/off for various events saves energy.
Contributes to Economy: You can ensure that you are not wasting unnecessary energy.
Peace of Mind: You can make sure from any place that everything is fine inside the house by checking the system status and surveillance cameras.