• myRoom system allows Light, temperature & shade control that integrates with property and Building Management System.
  • It saves energy with electronic lighting, HVAC and shade control.
  • Guest presence detection for room occupied/ unoccupied.
  • Sold/ Unsold information enables additional energy saving.


- DIN Power Module- Switching

  • The Switching Power Module family is a group of modular products for the control of lighting loads.
  • Contact Closure Input (CCI) for integration with magnetic door switch or key card (myRoom Plus only).
  • Contact Closure Output (CCO) for integration with room thermostat or controlled receptacles via contactor.

- DIN Power Module- Phase Adaptive

  • Leading-edge or trailing-edge dimming for incandescent / halogen, electronic / magnetic low voltage, and neon / cold cathode light sources.
  • RTISS Equipped technology compensates for incoming line-voltage variations.
  • LEDs on the module provide diagnostic information.
  • Buttons on module provide load override control.
  • Power failure memory.



  • The QS Wired Palladiom room thermostat provides control of thermostat settings.
  • The built-in Passive Infrared(PIR) sensor detects occupants moving within an area to determine when the space is occupied.
  • Backlit screen and buttons are easy to operate in a dark room. The backlit screen will automatically turn off when not needed and the buttons will dim to a pre-selected level.
  • Built-in room temperature sensor.
  • Built-in room humidity sensor.
  • Compatible with a large variety of HVAC systems.
  • Programmable minimum and maximum limits for room setpoints.


  • The 230 V~ room thermostat adds temperature control to the Lutron hotel guestroom control solution.
  • Controls 2-pipe, 4-pipe, and 3 fan-speed fancoil units.
  • Backlit display, remains backlit for 10 seconds after a button press.
  • Outputs for 3-speed or single speed fans.
  • Automatic or manual fan speed control.
  • Built-in room temperature sensor.
  • Input for external temperature sensor.
  • Automatic or manual heating/cooling change over.
  • Programmable minimum and maximum limits for room temperature setpoint.



  • Large buttons are easy to use.
  • Buttons with white, backlit engraving make it easy to find and operate the keypad in low light conditions.
  • Button engraving is easy to read.
  • Available in a variety of colours and finishes.(Plastic and metal)


  • Easy reconfiguration for use as:

    Hand held remote
    Wall mount control (with or without faceplate; faceplateadapter kit sold separately)
    Car visor control (car visor clip sold separately)
    A table top control (table top pedestal sold separately).

  • Battery powered Pico wireless control requires no wiring.
  • 10 year battery life.