Leon Speakers & Customized Sound Bars

Leon is recognized throughout the industry not just for award winning sound, but for unrivaled level of customization. Each speaker is built by hand, custom tailored to your exact specifications.

Specialize in making customized soundbar for TV of all kind to match the exact width of all display.

Sonance Speakers & Sound Bars

Sonance is 30 years old company with state-of-art products that delivers balance performance and design.

Sonance is known for its unique Invisible speaker system that deliver ambient music which emanates throughout the space with no visual footprints.

Revel Speakers

Since 1996, Revel have been producing speakers with acoustical accuracy and clarity that people have never heard before. Revel is known for its state of art in-ceiling speaker quality.

Sound Tube

SoundTube hanging speakers provide fuller coverage over larger areas than conventional speakers. SoundTube's sound is not only exceptional, it's economical.

Nile Audio Speakers

CORE Brands (Niles Audio parent company) has more than 190 years of combined experience in the residential, commercial and professional markets.The Niles Audio known for its wide range of in-ceiling speakers which offers wide dispersion and high frequency response.

Loewe TV

Loewe is a TV company based out of Germany know for unique design of ultra HD TV. It was the first company to produce colour television sets.

ULTRA HD TV that are characterised by clean, precise and elegant shapes that retain their quality of finish throughout their lifetime.

Agath Mirror TV

AGATH is a French designer of high quality and multi-media systems.
Agath design, manufacture and distribute the most advanced mirror TV sets that are used high-end multimedia experience in Bathrooms.

Infocus Touch Screen Display :

InFocus Corporation is an American company and is the industry pioneer and a global leader in the visual communication market.
Infocus are known for high-end wide range of touch screen displays.