NAC Sound

NAC Sound provides Handcrafted High Quality Omni Directional, Ceramic Hanging Speakers which can be showcased as a Piece of Art and audio sources combined from NAC Sound, Italy.


  • Omni directional sound with HI-Fidelity.
  • Each speaker is itself a piece of art.

Types of Nac Sound Speakers

OMNI Speakers- Clarity of sound & design makes it unique High-End Speakers systems. The mechanical resonance is reduced to produce a rich, natural and consistent sound almost everywhere in the installation. More looking like a piece of art rather than speaker. Ceramic material has excellent acoustic properties, producing an astounding natural and pure sound.

ZEMI Speakers- A sphere shaped ceramic with its own unique aesthetic, Zemi can be either suspended from the ceiling or placed on any convenient surface in its own holder. Zemi fits well into any home or it can be used in public spaces such as museums, restaurants or shops. It represents a further evolution of the Zemi idea and more powerful model, offering up to 150W output.

Concrete Audio

Wall Mounted Picture Art cum Speakers designed & manufactured in Germany produces unique loudspeaker systems of timeless elegance and impressive dynamics. The enclosure of the Concrete Audio Speakers is made of special high-strength concrete. This material reliably prevents vibrations of the enclosure. The curing process makes each piece a unique loudspeaker with identical in shape and surface quality, but individually in terms of grain. The speaker systems are produced in a limited edition in Germany. Each piece is being worked on individually until it meets requirements for the highest quality.


  • Loudspeaker made of concrete- flat as a picture, completely active and wireless.
  • Plug in and play dongle for Ios device and laptop