Lutron keypads complete the experience, offering an aesthetic, inviting, and intuitive control to ensure the perfect light for everything you do.

Lutron offers a wide variety of colours, styles, finishes, and functions to help you create an environment that reflects your unique sense of design.

International See Touch Keypad

The International seeTouch keypad provides elegant, intuitive control of lights and blinds.

  • Large, easy-to-use, rounded buttons .
  • Illuminated button labels are easy to read day or night.
  • Custom engraving personalises each contro.l
  • Contact closure inputs allow integration of occupancy.

Palladiom Keypad

The Palladiom Keypad offers a beautiful architectural aesthetic with sleek minimalistic design.

  • Buttons and faceplates are made from the same material for a coordinated look.
  • Large buttons are easy to use.
  • User customisable, backlit text makes the keypad easy to read and provides scene status to the user.
  • Available globally in two styles — rectangular and square.
  • International (square) versions available with one or two columns.
  • Faceplates and buttons are available in matte plastic, metal, and glass finishes.

Dynamic Keypad

The Dynamic Keypad allows simple, intuitive control of lights, blinds, HVAC, and audio/video equipment from a single location.

  • Screen provides a rich user experience and flexible control for a single room or an entire home.
  • Individual pages allow simple control of lighting, blinds, and temperature and more.
  • Three buttons at bottom provide control of frequently used functions.

IPAD/ IPOD Touch Panels& Touch Screens

Control any room, the entire home or facility, conveniently from Apple IPAD, IPhone or any of Crestron's beautiful, stylish touch screen or remote control. With such a wide selection for you to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece to meet your needs and complement any space.

Grafik Slider

This architectural touch slider establishes a new language for lighting control.

  • Simple and intuitive touch control adds style to any space.
  • Provides local zone control of any lighting load type.
  • Available in Architectural matte, metal and glass finishes.

PICO Wireless Keypad

Versatile Pico wireless control can function as a lightweight handheld remote, a stylish tabletop control, or a wallmounted keypad.

  • 2 or 3 button models with and without raise/lower capability.
  • Large easy to use buttons.
  • 10-year battery life.
  • Models available with icons or labels for lights and blinds.

Vitrea Keypad

  • It is smart touch keypad made of crystallized glass.
  • It is wired and wireless switches with KNX standard.